Ист-Пак - поставки промышленного оборудовани
The company's standards are direct contacts with the best suppliers, high–quality service, efficiency, flexible prices.
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93 Rabochaya str., building 2, of. 319a, Moscow, 109544, Russia
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EAPACK LLC ("EAPACK") is a company that specializes in the supply of equipment for enterprises in the food, processing, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries.
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“The company's mission is to provide a workable production cycle for its customers by supplying equipment and service support to solve all technological, analytical and research problems at minimum financial cost, while complying with national/international standards for production/product research.”
Alexander Grinchenko

Long-term cooperation with clients is a priority goal of our company. That is why the EAPACK team is focused, first of all, on the prompt solution of any tasks in the field of maintenance and qualification.

We organize services with the involvement of our own engineers, as well as foreign engineers from manufacturing companies.

The company's service department provides:

  • commissioning works,
  • qualification works,
  • warranty and post-warranty repairs,
  • supply and installation of spare parts,
  • supply of format parts for packaging lines,
  • supply of rotary piston pumps and needles for pharmaceutical filling lines,
  • other services.
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